Who Are We?

We are a full service Luxury Real Estate Investing firm, specializing in short term investments in luxury residential development and multi-family construction for long term cash flow. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA,.

Why Invest with Us?


Inventory is low and sales are up making buying and selling prime properties in Los Angeles a profitable trend leading to a new wave of “Luxury Home Flippers”. What makes us different?  We have the expertise and dedication to do more than just flip our properties for a quick profit. We bring together a team of the top professionals to craft a world class product that our investors can not only be a part of and but proud of.

Why Invest Now?


The Luxury Real estate Market has more momentum then ever. 2013 marked the highest point in six years for $1 million plus home sales, with over 39,000 qualifying properties selling. Homes valued at $2 million or more actually sold at a record pace. Statewide, it marked a 45% increase in sales, year over year.